About Us


GrowFast - Think Fast, Trade Fast

We have derived the name GrowFast Impex from our strong belief to grow fast with steady growth.

Grow has been used since medieval times as an intransitive verb, as in Our business has been growing steadily. It has been used with an object since the 18th century, meaning “to produce or cultivate,” But the transitive use applied to business is quite new. Fast shall mean immediate growth for our clientele. Impex, of course implies Import and Export.

We are into the business of Importing, Exporting, Supplying, Distributing, Trading, Buying, Selling and dealing in R.O. Water Systems & R.O. Components, U.V. Water Systems & U.V. Components, Water Purifiers, Water Dispensers, pH Inline, Gas & Electric Geysers, Biogas Generators, Biogas Burner & Biogas Process cylinder/unit and Other biogas equipments, Electronic products & Components, Electrical Equipment & Accessories, Gadgets & Appliances, Computers & Computer Peripherals & Software, Chemicals, Energy & Oil, Agriculture & Food, Environment & Solar Systems, Mobile Phones & Accessories, Animal Products, Eye Wear, Apparel & Accessories, Fashion Accessories & Fun Stuff, Office Appliances & Stationery, Furniture, Automobile & Parts, Games & Amusement, Packaging & Packing Materials, Bags, Boxes & Luggage, Gifts, Crafts & Home Decor, Paper & Paper Products, Pet Products, Hardware & Mechanical Components, Home Appliances & Care Products, Industrial Equipments & General Tools, Jewelry, Leather & Leather Products, Lighting Products, Machinery, Measure Meter & Analytical Products, Medical & Health Care Products, Tiles & Ceramics, Minerals, Metals, Nonmetals & their Products, Plastic & Fiber Products, Beauty & Body Fitness Products, Processing Equipments, Beverages & Confectionary, Rubber Products, Books, Media & Printing Products, Security & Protection System, Business Equipments, Shoes, Shoe Parts & Accessories, Telecom Products, Clocks & Watches, Commodity, Textile Machineries & Products, Fabric, Threads, Yarn & Fiber, Toys & Accessories, Transportation & Cargo Products, Construction Machineries & related products; Other Industrial, Commercial, and Allied Products Including Spare parts, Components, Consumables, Raw Materials, Finished Products, etc …